Autor: Simon Parks
“I was born in Sioux City, Iowa, in 1962. I grew up to be a realtor but didn't like it. — I wanted to be an opera singer but quit lessons because of laziness. I studied Physics out of boredom and took a degree in Contemporary Literature because someone told me I was the reading type. — I wasn't.
I was more into writing. I started writing stuff as a kid, poems first, then short stories, later it was articles but most of it wasn't made to last. The only thing that did stuck with me over the years — the only thing I kept going — was cab driving. I started driving cabs right after I got my license.
For over 25 years now I've been driving people all over the place so when they ask me these days what I do for a living I can say, I'm a cab driver.
It's the best job you can have. Imagine the world stepping into your car for a couple of minutes, that's what it's like. The characters I write about are mostly based on the stories I hear while driving.
Feeling a little guilty to say it, I'm not at all interested in the people I meet — I'm curious about their lives, about their stories. Although it sounds like a truism, life after all tells the best stories.”