Anna-Sophie M.I. Sattler

AS Sattler A.-S. Sattler was born 1988 in Frankfurt Main. From early childhood on she had private piano lessons, then went to the Dr. Hoch's Konservatorium Frankfurt where from 2001 on she continued her musical education with Prof. Stefana Chitta-Stegemann. As prize winner of several music competitions, she participated in many music festivals in the Rhein-Main region and is meanwhile working as freelance pianist, artist and répétiteur, mainly with choir- but also with theatre productions. In 2008, she joined the Academic Choir of the University Frankfurt and in 2011 the Neeber-Schuler-Chor e.V..

Through her studies in Musicology and Comparative Literary Studies at Goethe-University Frankfurt (2007—2012, Magister Artium) with the focus on film- and stage music, she came to compositions for orchestra and choir. The grusical Dead Love's Delight was her first full-length composition for stage.

Since 2013 she has been directing children theatre productions at Kellertheater Frankfurt, including two of her own works. For own concert and theatre projects she works closely together with the singer and actor Eric Lenke One of their major projects is the production series American Romance about the American composers Edward MacDowell and Amy Beach. It includes, among others, a concert with piano compositions and songs and two theatre plays about the artistic life of the composers.

Services: piano recital und piano accompaniment, music lessons, correpetition and aural training, directing and dramaturgy, singing and acting, festival organisation, essays and speeches.

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